Programming Languages

2 thoughts on “Programming Languages”

  1. Observation: a lot of Java?s decline is due to people moving to C#.
    This is a language very similar to it in many regards. Similar approach
    to OOP, both commonly run on a VM and have defined intermediate
    representation formats (bytecode in Java?s case and CIL in C#?s),
    similar reflection systems, syntactically similar ? So if you are
    consider TIOBE as a measure of interest in the overall position of
    ?java-like? languages, there isn?t such a decline.

  2. Some parallels to the current electoral debacle, then?
    It is however interesting that C is at a much higher position than
    Objective C, or C++. If there is indeed more interest in OO languages,
    how come it is C up there?

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