Teaching technologies

2 thoughts on “Teaching technologies”

  1. Hi,

    I bet these tools are not worth the effort. I would rather invest in more face-to-face and active learning.

    I suggest reading The Revenge of Analog, by David Sax. It includes a chapter (The Revenge of School) that discusses all the failures of technology in Education.



    1. Thank you for the reference to the book, Adolfo. Seems really interesting and very topical to the course I am teaching and which prompted this – Project Management. It seems that management has certainly embraced the analog, with postits and whiteboards being crucial tools for brainstorming, and face-to-face meetings being integral to Scrum.

      With regards to teaching, yes I strongly believe in the benefits of lectures. I have however been very impressed with Tallis Aspire as a good way of putting together a catalogue of teaching resources – books, videos, articles and so on. The integration with my Library has been fantastic, and it makes it easy for students to access e-books if they want to. Some of course prefer to buy paper textbooks, so I always choose books that are available both electronically and physically. (But with student funding, at least here in the UK being what it is, I try to avoid having them be obliged to buy any expensive book.) I don’t really like Moodle very much, the interface is very poor and dull, but it allows class notes and slides to be managed easily.

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