Developing Android Apps

I have been really excited about the ease of developing Apps for Android devices. My first experience was with using the MIT App Inventor – a really easy to use and intuitive (once you get the hang of it) was of building useful programs using the Lego-brick approach already popularized with Scratch. I had already … Continue reading Developing Android Apps

It was the week that was: Women in Science and the Tim Hunt episode

Little did I think, when I heard on BBC’s Today programme that eminent biologist Tim Hunt made some colourful remarks in Korea that it would unleash a furore in the media, the Internet, and around the coffee machine.  Much of the discussion revolves around several questions: Was he joking or being honest? If correct (or even if … Continue reading It was the week that was: Women in Science and the Tim Hunt episode

Student Evaluations

I have been asked to review and maybe redesign the form we use to get Module Feedback from our students. The reason for moving this issue from the perennial “Yeah, wouldn’t it be nice to have a better form” to something to be actioned and delivered is that we academics compared notes and noticed that … Continue reading Student Evaluations


I’ve just come back from a very interesting lecture by Barbara Oakley  – a great way to spend the last hour of the teaching term. Prof Oakley (but I will be familiar and refer to her as Barbara) runs a MOOC on Learning How to Learn, and she very kindly condensed several of the things she teaches … Continue reading Learn!